Noks Thai Street Food provides the freshest and most authentic taste of Thai food you’ll find outside of Thailand itself.

Chef Nok Is originally from the north of Thailand Chiang Rai in a rural village called Theong. An agricultural village where their main income is from growing sticky rice; you can find it on our menu too!

Nok enjoys home cooking and learnt a lot of her cooking skills from her Mother and older sister P’Khon. Nok moved to the UK in 2008 with her husband Steven and worked her way up ranks in her local Thai restaurants before opening her own restaurant in 2015, with her new inspiration for Street Food…

We are a proud, independent pizzeria based in Cheshire, famous for our authentic wood fired neopolitan pizzas.

After years of hard work and long hours in the restaurant industry we decided to leave it all behind and start a street food business.

We are truly passionate (some say obsessed…) with pizzas and wood fired pizza is the best of the best.